Re: Wiring LED's in a DCC converted Atlas C-424

Paul O

Cpt. Brigg, my suggestion would be to cut the light tubes somewhere about the middle of what appears to be two mounting points into the weight blocks.

Discard the inner pieces and cement the LEDs to ends of the cut tubes.


Paul O


Sent: Monday, May 29, 2017 7:50 PM
I am currently converting an Atlas Alco C-424 to DCC and have run into a problem with converting the cab and rear light systems into LED's. At my Pacific Cascade Railway web site, you can see the two long plastic light tubes used in the factory setup with one light bulb for both. Since the Soundtraxx MC2 board has separate light controls I want to incorporate two LED's, but where and how to add them. Any suggestions are welcome and will be considered. Thanks.

Capt.Brigg Franklin CEO in HO gauge

Vancouver, WA, USA

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