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When I built my 4x8 layout, I wired it for DCC but ran it on DC. Worked
fine. I have one reversing section, but being careful with its wiring, it
works in DCC and DC. Once I got my DCC equipment, I just changed the power
supply and it worked on DCC. To emphasize, NEVER cross connect the DC and

Wire it right the first time and you should be fine.

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I agree with what Steve said. And once you start running your first DCC loco
you will forget about running on D.C.

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I'm working on a small 7 x 4 layout, no reverse loops and a small yard. Is
it possible to wire the layout for DCC but run it DC until my DCC equipment
arrives? I want to run a locomotive to check the track, turnouts and
connections. I have a Digitrax system with a PM42 Just downloaded the
manuals for them.

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