Shinohara Dual Gauge Turnouts with frog juicers

Ray Trovillion

I still need help wiring these turnouts, I have received many suggestions, but I'm still having problems.  I have watched several youtube videos, which are helpful but don't go into any depth.  I have three dual gauge turnouts installed end to end.  I have gaped the frogs on all three and isolated the power.  The frog juicer is wired into the narrow gauge main track as shown in a video after the points, not into the frog as shown in several other videos.  Each turnout is installed with plastic rail joiners as directed on Allen Gartner's website.  Each turnout is powered using a bus connected with terminal strips.  Each Frog Jumper is receiving power but does not light up.  I have power on both sides of the turnout but have not installed Caboose Ind. manual throws as yet.  I wonder if this could be a tension problem with the points.  I also wonder if the power should be soldered to the common standard gauge rail, instead of the narrow gauge rail.  I have been screwing around with this for better than four months, and have destroyed at least two other Shinohara dual gauge turnouts, cutting gaps, soldering connections, desoldering and filling gaps.  I have at least twenty-five other dual gauge turnouts to install, and I'm nearing my wits limit on this project.  This hobby is supposed to fun, and has been for the last fifty-five years or so.  I need specific direction on where to power, where to gap, where to install Frog Juicers etc.  With everything I have read, your answers would help numerous people who are as confused as I am.

Thank You; in advance

Ray L. "Doc" Trovillion


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