Re: To DCC or not to DCC...that is my question


I set myself out of this one for a time, wanting to read what Others had to say.
All in all ...I must agree...Run to DCC.
Except for one major exception.....
>> N Scale and HO Scale Brass Steam Locomotives.
In my travels I purchased a finely detailed HO Scale Hallmark Santa Fe Valley Flyer Locomotive. There have been matching cars produced to this model also in Brass. I also own one of them. Further, I have Santa Fe Valley Flyers in Plastic both in N Scale and HO Scale. The differences are amazing.
There is a very strong part of me...
Which wants to return to my Attic Room and create an HO Scale Hand-laid layout in DC...around this ONE locomotive.
Good Luck in Surviving your Layout. (Not many people do...Where'd you think I got my deals?)
What ever you eventually consider and decide on...Make it so you can enjoy it; for at least some of the time. There are moments when I have become so exasperated...I have had to lay the project before me aside and seek another. Perhaps coming back to it later when my skills and attitude have changed. Took me over a year to successfully hard-wire a LokSound Decoder.

Just one of the many Foibles of DCC...
You buy an N Scale Kato NW-2. 
Everything seems fine ...So you then decide to buy a Digitrax Drop in Decoder. 
>> I have bought three of these from three separate N Scalers who couldn't get them back together.   Not terribly hard but it's a bit like using Chopsticks. Not everyone should go DCC.
Long Steam Locomotives in DCC? 
I am re-creating my own #12 Turnouts with switchable hot frogs.

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