Re: To DCC or not to DCC...that is my question



The more expensive NCE PowerPro system is much easier to interface with other add-on equipment as there are fewer restriction regarding computer interfacing for JMRI programming and/or 'cab' numbers used for accessory decoders, etc. Yes, one can add an SB5 'smart booster' and other stuff to expand from the PowerCab starter set. But if you have the funding, I suggest going to a PowerPro system right away.

For more DCC wiring information be sure to also check out

Oh... it is the wheels on older locos with old fashioned extra wide wheel treads and toy-like flanges that cause shorting problems on some turnouts near the frog. The turnout manufacturers forgot about this possibility when they designed their new product. The extra wide tread manages to touch two rails at opposite polarity at the same time as the loco approaches the frog.


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