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scott toro

What is AHM? 

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Hi Nick,
I know your feeling. I was DC when my son bought a Bachmann DCC
locomotive for me Christmas 2005 and man did I get bit. Anyway, don't
let it over whelm you, take it one step at a time. If your rail is
already broken up, that's okay. Just drop your power wires down to a
main bus to power all your track. Each block will be happy with all that

The only real problem I had when converting is the fact that all my
turnouts are either Atlas with a few AHM turnouts. The Atlas are a bit
of a pain in the butt, whereas the AHM work better. What happens is the
Atlas are very DCC friendly, as are the AHM, but the rails are closer
with Atlas at the frog then AHM which sets you up for shorts, which will
reset your system, which it is designed to do to protect your equipment
and itself. If you don't have Atlas turnouts or similar, that is
pointless. Other turnouts are different and that will take more of an
explanation. None of it all that bad, either way. I put painters tape
over the frog points of the turnouts that give me problems and it works
fine and has lasted as much as a year and more and is still going strong.

As for converting your engines, it's not that bad either, once you
understand how it works. The majority of my engines are older engines,
as I've been into this hobby since 1974. Most of them convert and
operate pretty well. Although they don't work as well as those $100 to
$300 engines, they do serve me well. I do have 4 of the more expensive
engines, but it goes against my grain to have to pay that much. Anyway,
what ever you decide, you have to comfortable with it, no one else
matters. If DCC is your choice, this is the group to be in, as the NCE
equipment is much simpler then some of the others, as well as their
Basic decoders. wiring decoders into non DCC engines just makes them a
little bit better.
Hope my running on has helped, even if just a little bit.

Yell if you need help,
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