Re: To DCC or not to DCC...that is my question


The Shinohara turnouts tend to be the power routing type where the points pick up and switch power to the all metal frog and frog rails. Some Pecos turnouts also work that way. Look for and digest the section of DCC friendly turnouts on You don't need to cut rails to make every turnout DCC friendly. But for yard tracks that leave and return to other rails, you will need to isolate both frog rails from the yard track at both ends to prevent causing a short when one turnout is thrown but not the other. You can start out using frog power as switched by the points and easily add aux power to the frog later if you provide a wire drop for it as you install the turnout.

You really do not need another booster until you run out of amps to power the railroad, or until you want to go wireless with the NCE PowerCab.

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Thank you, very helpful. I think once I actually get hands on with it, I'll feel more comfortable with it. The good news is I haven't yet laid the yard track, so if I can get by with fewer blocks that will likely be where I make that change. My turnouts are all Shinohara with a couple Pecos (and I'very been reading up on the latter and the modifications needed). For what I am planning, will I need a booster and where does that get connected In, e.g., somewhere else on the layout? Finding a wiring schematic that puts this in plain English has been challenging. Any advantages to the more expensive NCE "pro" starter set vs. the basic starter set?

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