Re: To DCC or not to DCC...that is my question


Hello Nick,

You seem to be making it more complicated than it needs to be. Run, don't walk, to DCC. The advantages of operating with DCC are great. Once you get started with DCC you will never look back. Get yourself an NCE PowerCab and a PSX-AR unit to handle the reversing loop. You can use another PSX-AR or a lower cost relay to switch track polarity at the wye. Don't go overboard on breaking up the layout into all those control blocks with independent circuit breakers. There is no real need to do that unless you plan on having multiple operators. If you have already done so there is no harm in wiring the power leads for those individual track sections to the same DCC distribution bus. If you need assistance to modify existing DC locos to DCC, ask for help at a local club or hobby shop.


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