To DCC or not to DCC...that is my question

Nick Ostrosky

Upon re-entering the hobby I had every intention to do DCC, but now I'm not so sure.  I'm building a 15x12 single mainline layout with one reversing loop and one wye (wye not yet built).  I've purchased some DCC and some non-DCC locos - about a 50/50 split.  Since I'll only be running 1-2 trains at a time, at most, is DCC worth the investment?  I've broken the layout into about 10 blocks, so circuit breakers, reversing circuits, power, etc., plus modifying the non-DCC locos, seems a little imposing.   I'd appreciate any insight on how to best analyze what may be best for my situation - or guidance on "hybrid" options, if that's even worthwhile.  Thanks!

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