Re: No soldering required for under layout DCC bus wire splices?



Interesting.  No discussion here, but lots on the Digitrax list.  I'd have thought someone would have an opinion... so here's my shot at pluses and minuses relative to a quality (2-blade) suitcase connector.

Lever connector Advantages:
    - less finicky than suitcase (avoid poor crimping technique, crushed connectors, etc.)
    - reusable
    - elegantly allows disconnect/reconnect for troubleshooting

    - user must strip wires (many, many people can't do this reliably without nicking the wires, unless they invest in a good stripping tool)
    - if series-connecting to tap into a bus, for example, you introduce 2 connections inline (no way to have an electrically continuous bus with no joint)

Personally, I can see using these in certain locations, like when fanning out several sub-busses.  I would likely use a suitcase to tap the main bus, and feed the lever connector from the suitcase tap.  I can also see using one of these if I have to isolate a section of layout due to a short, for example, but want to reconnect it later.

YMMV.  Comments?

Blair Smith

On 17/03/02 09:20, lancashire_fusilier@... [WiringForDCC] wrote:

A great easy way to snap connect and splice wires together with no soldering or crimping required! I picked up these samples at a trade show and they are great for making under layout connections of wire sizes from AWG 24 to 12.

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