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I've used these before, for indoors and outdoors connections:

Goldmine always has an entertaining, eclectic variety of surplus stuff.  I can always make up a worthwhile order.



On 17/02/20 23:50, rmvelten@... [WiringForDCC] wrote:
Has anyone else ever used the 2, 3 and 4 wire IDC Telephone Data Splice Connectors?  You don't have to strip the wires to use these - merely insert the wires until they stop, then used ordinary pliers to squeeze the button down.  The inside of the connector is filled with silicone.  They are designed for AWG 22 - 26 wire.  I got my first one when the ATT guy left a box after a service call.  They are not removable - you just cut them off and throw away, but you lose about 1/2" of wire trapped in the connector.

I found them on ebay for about $10 for a package of 100 connectors.  Here is an example - I am not associated with this seller in any way:

Rich Velten in Missouri

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