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So I was thinking... What is a thermal wire stripper but something that gets really hot and melts a bit of insulation?  So, I took some Nichrome wire and ran it over a hole drilled in a piece of wood and looped it so the wire touches the Nichrome in two places at once.  I hooked that up to a power supply and voila! instant thermal stripper using parts I had laying around.

It worked great, but I only tested down to 28 gauge or so decoder wire.  I didn't have that really fine wire available, as it's down at the club.


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Unfortunately, that's not what I'm dealing with.  I've had great success with a solder pot or really big soldering iron (you want to be able to encapsulate the wire with solder) for stripping magnet wire, but Tomar used a really fine traditionally insulated wire on the signals.  It's finer than my 30 ga strippers will strip easily.  I'm not sure if the solder pot will handle that traditionally insulated wire without big nasty smells.

Good point on the spring-loaded terminals.  They are a trap, that's how they work. :-)  I had planned on one wire to a terminal, as that's all I need.


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