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Kurt Konrath

Have you looked at switch templates from Fast Tracks ( for dual gauge.  They show quite clearly which six rails to gap. It makes one large frog which is isolated and you power that frog like any other switch!


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Thanks for your response, I have done much research on dual gauge turnout wiring.  From all of the emails I have received, I have noticed that everybody has a different take on my problems.  Some are quite helpful, others are just contradictory.  I like your ideas on the fine tooth razor saw blade, I will see if I kind find some.  I have done a lot of trial and error, and have found some things.  I may only have to gap one rail for the frog juicer to work as it should.  I found a Utube video that has some very good information, but it doesn't tell you which rail to gap.  It is wiring for dual gauge turnouts Parts 1 & 2.

Ray L. "Doc" Trovillion


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