Re: Dual guage shinohara turnout wiring using frog jumper

David Heine

The only Shinohara HO/HOn3 dual gauge turnouts I've seen have been older ones that are power routing, so you if you can stand using them that way, you only need to isolate the rails at the end of the turnout coming off the two normal frogs. If you rely on the points to power the frogs and you don't need any other gaps or frog juicers.

I build my own dual gauge turnouts (S/Sn3 and Sn3/Sn2), but I make mine "DCC friendly" where the points are always the same polarity as the stock rail. (I also build some as stubs, but then there are no points.) The two normal frogs can be isolated as one unit and their polarity switched with one frog juicer section. Since the two non-common rails are the same polarity, the "K" frog, where they cross does not need to be isolated (except where it meets one of the "normal" frogs) and does not need its polarity switched. In my experience, it seems that the "K" frog causes the most confusion because it doesn't need to be isolated (except from the other frogs) nor its polarity switched.

Dave Heine
Easton, PA

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