Re: Wiring a Helix

Kurt Konrath

You could run buss wires along the vertical supports and go out from track to buss keeping undersides free. Vertical supports would protect buss wires. Having a buss on opposite sides give two drops per turn. 

Kurt Konrath

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Bringing this back to life, I'm considering a 20" radius 7 level helix in N scale with code 55 rail.  The roadbed will be approximately 1 1/4" wide going up and down the helix with no other horizontal supporting structure (Masonite splices glued to vertical uprights).  Each turn of the helix rises 2 1/2".  I'm thinking about two 14 awg buses going up vertically in the helix opposite each other each with a feeder on each level.  Would it be OK to have a bus lead on either side of the track to eliminate the need to bring a feeder under the rail (there is minimum clearance between the helix levels so a wire crossing in the open could be problematic)?

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