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Brad Ketchen <bketchen@...>

I'm still running DC. But I have it wired to be switched for DCC with a
DPDT... Thing is, if you've been reading up lately... the future is in
battery powered locomotives. Finally! I'm buying a DCC locomotive to run on
my simple railroad. Of course you can't run DCC's on DC or you'll fry the
shit out of the engine! Track plan attached. Thing I like is I will be able
to have sounds even running off my old Model Power control. Maybe more in
the future (musicians wage) ;)


On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 12:30 PM, [WiringForDCC] <> wrote:

Has anyone had a chance to research the new Digitrax 240. My club is
presently powering our layout with control station, 8 amp, 200 and a 5 amp
booster running off a substantial 16 volt AC transformer. We also run a
portable with 5 amp control station powered by a AC transformer and we are
successful. We have no spares so the loss of a station would put us out of
We have been looking for an 8 amp command station that would be a
replacement for any of our stations.
Advise tells us that we should go with the 240. The problem is that
everything we are using would have to be reprogrammed and we would need a
special power supply as it only accepts DC power.

Question 1. Has anyone researched the power supply. Does it require a
special power supply, AC to DC with diodes, or a simple Capacitor regulated
power supply?

Question 2. Are the accessories that are reprogrammed, backward
compatible? We use our throttles on more than 1 layout.

Question 3. Is the 240 compatible with older Command stations and

Any help will be appreciated.

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