Re: Optimized Digitrax Loconet


Thanks Kurt.  Since the turkey is now digested, I can write a good reply! We do have a common ground wire running to all devices, including PM42s. We have made sure that the Loconet cables do not form a circle.  Right now we have two cable runs, one for the throttles and one for the boosters and associated devices, such as PM42s, detectors, etc.  So I am confident that we have the correct cable runs.
We have not installed LNRPs.  The Digitrax literature is, as usual, pretty thin.  It shows one DCS or DB connected to a string of LNRPs.  So I am not sure what happens with multiple boosters.  It the setup:
DCS-LNRP-DB-LNRP-DB-LNRP-DB-LNRP and so on with other devices (PM42s, etc.) connected to the output (unprotected) side of the LNRP?
So, you live in OKC!  Yo need to make the trek to Amarillo and see our setup sometime.
Jerry Michels

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