Re: Best wire strippers?

Cheryl Gale-Multz

I bought this one (actually two of them for $25) at the National Train show this past summer.. Works great! It strips 12-30 ga and the smaller unit that came with it does smaller wires..

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I used one just like this that Ron suggests to do my feeders on my 12 guage bus wire.  It works well.
Mine came from Radio Shack many years ago, however I see Lowes has them as well as many places online.
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Here's a link to the type of wire stripper you want. Heavy Duty Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper There are many manufacturers for this type of stripper.  What it does is move the insulation to expose bare wire in the middle of your run or anyplace else along the wire including the end.  In other words it does not remove the insulation per se but actually cuts the insulation and "compresses" it on each side exposing wire for you to make your connections.

Heavy Duty Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper

Use this wire stripper to strip 12-26 gauge wire
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What is the best way to remove sections of insulation in the middle of the buss wire so I can connect and solder my feeders to it? I have heard of wire strippers that are able to remove sections of insulation in the middle of wire.


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