Re: How to find the booster common?

Jan Boen

Hi Don, all,

Tams B-3 and powered by normal AC transformer.
For sure I can open the box and start looking for the internal common of the H-bridge that is likely to be there but that is an intrusive way of working and you have to reverse engineer or have the schema's of each and every booster that will come to the event.
So not a solution that can be easily used.
So from what I gather there is no such thing as a common way to implement a booster common if your booster doesn't have this connection.
So instead of implementing this booster common it might be more universal, alas also more expensive, to implement a kind of reversing loop set-up that switches as needed while avoiding "short circuits" between 2 domains.

Any other suggestions are more than welcome :-)



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Please tell us what brand and model of booster you are using.

Is it being fed from AC (transformer) or a DC power supply?



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Alas the case is all plastic...

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A very few of the early booster setups didn't have a ground connection on the main power plug.  So you had to do a case tap. But I can't remember what model booster that was. 



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OK, sorry if I supplied the wrong information.  I was always of the opinion you needed to connect a ground to the case.  I can make my installation much cleaner if I can remove the ground wire connected to a screw on the case and use this input.


Jerry Michels.


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