Re: How to find the booster common?

ed wilson

if it s an NCE booster like the SB5 / DB5 with the plastic case, you can use a screw on the metal back plate

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Please tell us what brand and model of booster you are using.

Is it being fed from AC (transformer) or a DC power supply?



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Alas the case is all plastic...

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A very few of the early booster setups didn't have a ground connection on the main power plug.  So you had to do a case tap. But I can't remember what model booster that was. 



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OK, sorry if I supplied the wrong information.  I was always of the opinion you needed to connect a ground to the case.  I can make my installation much cleaner if I can remove the ground wire connected to a screw on the case and use this input.


Jerry Michels.

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