Re: Newbie


Tom, Read through the beginners guide on the website.

Sounds like a relatively small and probably one man operation layout. Use #18 for DCC mains and #22 for track drops as these are more than adequate for N scale of this size. solid wire is easier to solder to rails. Soldering always works for other connections too but you might find suitcase connectors of the proper size easier to work with under the layout. Train occupancy detection blocks and signaling seems somewhat out of reach on a layout of this size. I wouldn't bother with insulated joiners and separate isolated power districts unless there is a reversing section or a need to isolate sidings with a power cut-off switch. But be sure to look carefully at your turnouts to determine if they need isolating joiners at frog rails to avoid causing shorts when thrown the 'wrong' way. Use DCC friendly switches and/or add frog juicers to avoid/assist carrying track power through power routing turnout points.

If the layout is a walk-around arrangement with access on all sides be sure to provide convenient plug in places for your throttle on each side or go for radio/wireless.


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