Tom Anderson

Hi all,


          After a 15 year absence, I am diving back in to this great hobby. Needless to say, a few things have changed particularly with the evolution of DCC.


          So I am starting with a small N gauge layout – basically a 4x4 size with a 2x2 extension.


          I have just purchased a new Digitrax system and am ready to get started.


          I have some very general questions that I would like some input on:


1.    What gauge wire should I use for the wiring bus? (Keep in mind that I will enlarging the pike over time)

2.    Should I use solid or stranded wire?

3.    Gauge for feeder wires?

4.    Should I consider splitting the layout with insulated joiners?

5.    How is the best way to connect the feeders to the bus? I have seen the ‘suitcase’ connectors but it there anything better, neater? What about soldering?

6.    Any other considerations?


Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated!!




Tom Anderson

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