Re: Can you power the frog on a turnout that controls an autoreverser

Dale Gloer


I'm not sure what you are using for an autoreverser or how you plan to use it to control the Tortoise but I thought I would share my experience .  At our club we are using a DCC Specialties Hare to automatically change the Tortoise position.  The Hare uses short detection sections for control and properly routes frog power as well as control the Tortoise. In out installation it controls entry to a reversing loop but is independent of the autoreverser for the loop.  It has been a very successful installation for us and is easy to implement.  In addition it plug directly onto the Tortoise machine.  There are a couple of versions depending on whether you want feedback from the Hare for switch position etc.

I have no commercial interest in these devices, just a satisfied user.

Dale Gloer

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