From your description, Ed I'm not sure what you did with the still 3-leaded device other than add a diode in anti-parallel with each Red and Green LED....Or how you are connecting what voltage to the sets... Or limiting current through the LEDs. If you ended up connecting the two sets directly in parallel the Red LED has a lower voltage drop than the Green LED, preventing the Green LEDs from lighting up. One way to fix that is to use a separate current limiting resistor at the cathode for each R/G LED, then connect the anode of a Red and Green LED from each set together and the other end of the current limiting resistors together. Now current will pass through both a Red and Green LED with the difference in voltage drops taken up by the resistors. You should not need the extra diodes if you are energizing the signal lights from an on/off switched DC source, but keep them in if you power source is DCC or other AC voltage. There is no way to connect the 3-leaded R/G parts in series to do what you want.


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