Re: Tortoise switch machines and how I made it easier to install

Steve McKee <smckee@...>

Don I sort of did the same thing but I had the tortoise in the center position by just pushing the arm over slowly. They say don’t do that but I have always done it that way and never had any problems. I use larger piano wire then comes with the switch machine and cut it with those special cutters from Micro mark. They are the only ones I have found can cut piano wire without being damaged. With the wire in place and the machine in the middle position I stick the piano wire up threw the center of the switch machine. Then put the switch in the middle position and put a clamp on the wire to hold it there till I get under the layout and screw it down. Or if you have a friend handy he could hold it instead of the clamp while you screw it down. I’m sure there are several ways these things can be done so we just have to find what works best for each of us. For me changing the piano wire to a larger size makes it easier so I don’t have to be so exact with the installation. We just have to decide whets works best for us after all this is supposed to be fun and for me getting past the bench work, wiring, and track laying part the quickest but still having everything working right is best. My favorite part is putting the buildings together and detailing them to make a realistic scene. Happy Railroading everybody. Steve

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