Re: Tortouise switch machines and how I made it easier to install

Steve McKee <smckee@...>

Those pieces for the Tortouise switch machines are just black Plexiglas. They are about 3”x1 ½ “ and 1/8” thick. The whole idea was to get regular holes just far enough away from the switch machine so you could easily screw it to the bench work.  For those who has not seen it yet take a look at it at Its “YOU TUBE MODEL BUILDERS TUESDAY NIGHT HANGOUT 10-11-16. The part on the switch machines starts at about 22 minutes and 15 sec. into the video. You can see the pieces on the table. This is all about fun and we had fun making this. Next time we will have a bigger crew to man the camera’s. It would have helped with focusing and sound and getting good close-ups. Like building a layout we learn as we go. Steve

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