Re: Understanding the Atlas Turnout Diagram

Paul O

jtw37, (name please),

look in the ‘Photos’ section at “insulfrog1”; it shows the shorting problem with this type of turnout.

Cutting the gap is one fix. Another way is to use a cutting disc and widen the gap where the two point rails come together.

A third, ‘temporary’, quick fix is a dab of fingernail polish at the shorting point; works until it wears off.


Paul O


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I've looked at the diagram several times and thinking it don't apply to my Atlas turnouts. All my turnouts are old school Atlas from an old school DC layout. Snap switches. I guess what I think is, that the frogs are the plastic, so no way to power them other then the rail itself. So, with the frog being plastic am I to assume that it will not work with this type of turnout, or am I mistaken? I have to deal with them shorting out when some of my engines and some rolling stock pass over the junction at the point of the frog.

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