Re: Powering LEDs with track power

James Shourt <jeshourt@...>

You will need a minimum of a dropping resistor to limit current and a diode to avoid reverse voltage breakdown of the diode (death).  I recommend using a full wave bridge and a buck regulator set to the desired current level and in this way you can eliminate the dropping resistors for each LED. I use buck regulators all the time as they can power up to 300 LEDs in parallel at 10 ma each if you use one of good design and set the output current/voltage correctly. The only other requirement in wiring LEDs in parallel is that they be of the same type and best if ordered at the same time so the batch is the same.

It is best to use some other source of power other than DCC track power as it comes at a high cost compared to a power supply from an old phone or other unused device.
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