Re: DETECTION BLOCKS - Occupancy Detection

Steven Haworth

I used a pair of BD8 units from these guys:

Wonderful stuff, and it works with both DCC and non-DCC, with lots of options for the output, and VERY detailed user manual (which is free online at the site, btw).

For my layout, I'm using these to drive panel and trackside occupancy lights.

Wiring - I run wiring from each block (both rails isolated) to a wiring panel (one per town / area).  From there, I group all the feeds from one side into a common rail, and route the individual feeds from the other rail (for each block) through the BD8 circuit.

Again, the user's manual on the site has full details and very thorough explanations, of this scheme as well as most other block-detection schemes.

- Steven Haworth
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