Re: Use of auto reversers

David Klemm


The best way I determine the need for an auto reverser is to draw my track plan with 2 different colors for the rails. So for example I use red and black and then I look for spots where where black and red intersect. 

BTW, no one here will be able to answer you just based on your words. A diagram will be a must. 

David Klemm
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As you will see from this post, I'm new to DCC. I have a question regarding using a single track continuous loop.

I will have a classification yard that will be entered by trains moving along the track in two locations when passing the yard . Does this create a need for an auto reverser? If so where should it be placed?

Also since there will be numerous places where the track will cross (such as at industry sidings) should auto reversers be used in these locations?

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