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Ross Kudlick

Terry, Mark, et. al.,

I found a “work around” for reading and writing CVs in a WOW121 version3 on a TCS motherboard.

I am using DecoderPro with a Digitrax DCS100 with a DCC Specialties PowerPax PTB.  The “programming track” is equipped with a DPDT (center off) “Run/Program” selector switch.

If the capacitors are charged when the programming event starts, the PowerPax is able to keep the capacitors charged; I can read/write “Full Sheets” without any failures.

I keep the selector in “Run” until immediately before starting the programming sequence.   I switch the selector to “Program;” then quickly (i.e. immediately) click on the appropriate DecoderPro “Read” or “Write” tab on the computer screen.  I didn’t try an “All Sheets” read or write but have not reason to believe it would not work.

I was not successful when I tried without the PTB; the PowerPax made the difference.


Ross Kudlick

FWIW – I tried this after thinking about Mark’s explanation of Paragon 2 programming difficulties on the NCE group.


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Yes just this final mother board failed to read decoder type so i think my powerpax booster is
fried since it used to read them prior
and i couldn't program a road number either

I sent an e mail to DCC Specialties asking the output voltage of the power pax during the read / write
process hopefully they will answer after the holiday

The reading i'm getting during a read with my meter is only 3.4 volts seems low to me

The track voltage off the programming track is 13.8 so I know the Zephyr Xtra is working ok





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Sorry Mark With the new TCS Motherboards the keepalives are attached
and disabling them is not an option


They you will very likely have a problem reading CV values from them.  This is another well known problem that people discover latter when using KA’s.


I'd still like to know the actual out put of the Power pax booster to tell if mine is fried.


What makes you think it is fried?


Have you tried reading a different decoder without a KA involved?  Testing a programming track booster with a known good decoder that worked fine before is the fastest way to tell if it is working or not.



To answer you question about the voltage.


Have you attempted to measure the voltage using a Volt Meter in AC mode?  The voltage will only appear when you are programming.


I suspect the voltage will be a bit less than the wall adapter voltage used to provide power to the PowerPax.


The only official way to answer that question accurately is to contact DCC specialties.



Best Regards,


Mark Gurries

Electrical Engineer

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