Re: Single Decoder MU-ing a Calf-Cow

Richard Sutcliffe


Why not just wire the power pick in parallel, and make both decoders the same address?

This would extend the effective wheelbase of the consist, without introducing other complications.

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Wire the motors on parallel. However before starting be sure they run at the same speed on DC power.

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For the MNSE Club we are looking to lash up a Calf-Cow switcher pair. Most likely candidates are the Life-Like (N-Scale) SW-8/9, SW-1200 or Micro-Trains SW-1500. All are identical internals and use a TCS MT 1500 decoder (Cont:1.3/Peak:2.0A). Stall on each motor draws less than 0.2A. All rail pick up is obviously in parallel. For proper back EMF and control should the motors be MU wired in series or parallel?

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