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The simple answer is “Yes”. You may have issues with a frog juicer and/or auto-reverser if the entrance and exit paths cross between two different boosters or different circuit breaker limited power districts. Difficult to explain but multiple incident reports of just that. Might have something to do with using single or double or hex juicers, or older units vs newer ‘improved’ designs.


There are a few options: 1) use a crossing with a better design that uses smaller dead frogs. 2) Wire the entire crossing from only one power district and a PSX A-R unit powered from that district. Yes, a train traveling in the other path will momentarily connect the two districts together. 3)  Power the frog areas of the crossing via a DPDT relay triggered to select the proper district source and polarity from approaching train (track occupancy) sensors, or train dispatcher controlled permission operation.




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All, I am referencing David Klemm's scratch built diamonds ( he made for his DCC layout.


I fully understand  his diagram, but on our club layout the two tracks that cross are on different power districts.  Will this be a problem in hooking up an auto reverse circuit or a frog juicer?


Thanks much in advance.



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