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David Klemm


The problem with the pre-built crossing is the amount of plastic used to keep the power isolated. In the Wabash/IC crossing that has 5 in a row it amounted to something like 3 inches of dead space in 9 inches. This causes a lot of 4 axle engines to stall.  With hand built the issue goes away. 

David Klemm
6s Plus

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Forgive me folks but that’s not a crossover...that’s a crossing. A crossover requires two parallel tracks and two
turnouts. By the way Peco makes much nicer crossings.
Bill Aulicino
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Lee, why not build your crossover with isolated corners where opposite rails intersect.

No need for a reverser or juicer. No problem with power districts.

Look at the design of an Atlas crossover:

Paul O

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All, I am referencing David Klemm's scratch built diamonds ( he made for his DCC layout.

I fully understand  his diagram, but on our club layout the two tracks that cross are on different power districts.  Will this be a problem in hooking up an auto reverse circuit or a frog juicer?

Thanks much in advance.


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