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Terry <terryintexas7@...>

I use a Mobus mini cam and just record then upload to utube
no transmitting involved

here's a sample

I do have a wifi cam but it shows too much interference

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Dear All,
  sorry for the naive question. May be it is impossible / already done / already discussed and so on, but googling around I did not find anything. I would like to put an camera on board my train. The solutions provided usually involve a wifi system and an antenna. The troubles with that are well known, since there is a lot of noise coming from the motor and the range may be poor. I was thinking that the rails are a much better way to transfer the signal, however there is a lot of stuff going on there in a DCC setup to hope that a s-video signal could be transmitted and received as such. What I was wandering is whether it is possible to “filter out” the s-video signal and decode it. Does anybody has anything to say about this? Ideas, comments, suggestions? Thanks and best regards, 

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