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The snubber/filters on the DCC track power bus serve a different purpose. The primary purpose is to absorb and reduce voltage transients on the buss of surges caused by intermittent connections to train wheels and/or short circuits. The inductance of DCC bus wiring (untwisted and length) amplifies those effects.


The reason to separate DCC power wiring from wires like the cab bus and other signaling feedback wiring is to reduce the possibility of normal and abnormal DCC switching causing interference with those circuits.





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Paul , iI thought that "snubber filters " prevented that?

Doc Colin


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Doc, lots of long wires neatly bundled together could cause cross-talk;

"spaghetti junction" wiring eliminates that. J

Paul O

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Hi Guys ,
I have been searching Google for some ideas of keeping the Wiring of our tracks neat and tidy. Whilst there are some good ideas;  a lot of pics show
"spaghetti junction"
Any body out there with a plan/diagram from the mains to boosters to control, etc that would like to share i would be most grateful.

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