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If you want to permanently monitor booster output ampere demand, why not simply add one at each booster? See . Inexpensive multimeters with a digital DC ammeter readout are available at Harbor Freight and other discount suppliers.  



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When I built the control panel for my layout I included an RRamp meter in-line to monitor power draw on the track. Due to an influx of sound locos I have been forced to add an additional booster and partition the track feeds. I would love to have a meter on both booster supplies -- but have no space to add a second RRamp circuit board. And I have considered but rejected ideas to switch the meter between the boosters as this would cause interruptions in track power that I would prefer to avoid.


Is there anything out there that I could use to provide equivalent power and voltage metrics where the display could be some distance from the circuitry? I would prefer to not scratch-build but would if necessary. (I did ask the RRamp people but they suggested switching it...).


I have also considered unsoldering the display and moving it to the end of a ribbon cable. Not sure I am feeling that bold, but...


Any thoughts or suggestions?




Greg Latiak

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