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Rich <regan@...>

    That type (and brand) was developed more for Ham radio stations. A 52-amp supply can power a 200-watt output radio. I use a 30-amp supply for my 100-watt Yaesu and a few accessories. This particular power supply gets mixed reviews on the Ham Radio forums (because I think some Ops overdrive them and burn them up). This leads to one consensus: keep the total output to 40 amps or below. As to other ramifications using such a heavy-duty power supply in a model railroad situation: I’ll leave that to the electrical/electronics folks.
Rich, KA2VCW
Rochester, NY

On Feb 19, 2016, at 6:50 AM, Jerry Breon jbreon@... [WiringForDCC] <WiringForDCC@...> wrote

Some time ago I acquired a Pyramid PS-52KX Regulated Power Supply redundant from a professional project and am considering using it to power the accessories (lighting, Tortoise stall motors, etc.) on my under-construction HO scale NCE PowerPro-controlled layout. It is not my intent to utilize this unit to power any components of the NCE system, just the layout accessories.
Because the Pyramid unit furnishes 12-15 VDC at 52 AMPS, my specific question is what precautions should I take to ensure the unit can be safely used in a model railroad layout environment?
Jerry Breon
Mooresville, NC

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