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Mark Gurries

The biggest problem with using such a high current power supply is a serious Fire hazard.  There is no forgivness with small wiring or improper wiring.

You need to a slow blow fuse or a circuit breaker of about 5Amps right at the output of the power supply.  That way any wiring problems will just pop the fuse or circuit breaker.

BTW: The DC output voltage is to low for the PowerPro to use anyway.   You will not get full track voltage.  It practice it takes about 19VDC to get the correct fully regulated output voltage at 5amps at the track terminals.

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Some time ago I acquired a Pyramid PS-52KX Regulated Power Supply redundant from a professional project and am considering using it to power the accessories (lighting, Tortoise stall motors, etc.) on my under-construction HO scale NCE PowerPro-controlled layout. It is not my intent to utilize this unit to power any components of the NCE system, just the layout accessories.
Because the Pyramid unit furnishes 12-15 VDC at 52 AMPS, my specific question is what precautions should I take to ensure the unit can be safely used in a model railroad layout environment?
Jerry Breon
Mooresville, NC

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