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Put lots of 2-3 amp branch circuit fusing close to the output connections of the supply so you can safely wire your accessory loads with 18-22 AWG. Make sure you also fuse or CB the input power connections to this supply at less than 8-10 amps as an internal component failure might turn the 120V supply cord into a fire hazard.



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Some time ago I acquired a Pyramid PS-52KX Regulated Power Supply redundant from a professional project and am considering using it to power the accessories (lighting, Tortoise stall motors, etc.) on my under-construction HO scale NCE PowerPro-controlled layout. It is not my intent to utilize this unit to power any components of the NCE system, just the layout accessories.
Because the Pyramid unit furnishes 12-15 VDC at 52 AMPS, my specific question is what precautions should I take to ensure the unit can be safely used in a model railroad layout environment?
Jerry Breon
Mooresville, NC

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