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Fifty amps, wow. I use a 30 amp Street transformer wired for 4, 6-8 volt out puts. I use an old stile single element auto, running light, light bulb to ballast individual circuits for 1 to 8 switch machines. The number of machines can vary with the wattage of the lamps. Running lights pass about a half amp and brake lights pass about 1.3 amps before lighting.
If the motor shorts the bulb lights, no worries.
If you have too much of a load the bulb lights, no worries.
Fifty amps is a lot of power. If you try to fuse the secondary without a good resistive load on it, it will blow fuses when the EMF collapses.

On Friday, February 19, 2016 7:32 AM, "Jerry Breon jbreon@... [WiringForDCC]"

Some time ago I acquired a Pyramid PS-52KX Regulated Power Supply redundant from a professional project and am considering using it to power the accessories (lighting, Tortoise stall motors, etc.) on my under-construction HO scale NCE PowerPro-controlled layout. It is not my intent to utilize this unit to power any components of the NCE system, just the layout accessories.
Because the Pyramid unit furnishes 12-15 VDC at 52 AMPS, my specific question is what precautions should I take to ensure the unit can be safely used in a model railroad layout environment?
Jerry Breon
Mooresville, NC

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