Re: Problems with Ammeter

Ed S <eschwerkolt@...>

An amp meter has to be connected in series with the circuit.

At 05:45 PM 2/13/2016, you wrote:

I have built the ammeter described on the site using a full wave bridge rectifier as described on the website.  I am using a 4 amp Vishnay kBU4D rectifier. My two busses are red and black. 

In following the directions I attach the red wire from my digitrax zephyr  to my track and connect the red input to the rectifier to that track.(described as "TO A DCC RAIL" on the site.)  I connect the black wire input to the rectifier to the black output of the Digitrax dcs 51.  I assume that is what it means for me to do when it says connect the other input to the rectifier "TO CORRESPONDING BOOSTER CONNECTION."  When there is an engine on the track this should run the circuit through the meter, I think.

I keep my black lead plugged into COM on my meter and plug my red lead at the "10A" input jack.

When I do this my digitrax zephyr shorts out.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?  (Apologies for not being an electronics expert, but learning)

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