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Thanks Don.

I think I will go with the spring switch as the simplest.  Should the frogs be very short and dead or polarity switched somehow? Typical motive power will be 2-8-0s and 2-8-2s or early diesels - RS-3 (Atlas) or GP7/9 (Proto). Or would KAs in the locos make dead frogs moot?



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Sorry. I thought the overhead area was a/the staging area. A ‘squared off C’ sounds like a return/reversing loop or maybe/simply part of the bi-directional mainline. Since operators can always see what is going on and prevent accidents, the spring switch idea is undoubtedly the simplest. Set up the spring switches so that a train arriving from either direction always takes the path to the right. The light spring loaded switch will let the exiting train pass through when going forward… they must not back up. Automatic electric controls to flip the switches depend heavily on the type/brand of switch machine you chose according to your scale. The Hare device, with its auto-flipping and return path timer, may not directly activate the type you chose/select. Peruse the G scale catalogs for options.

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Don -
Sorry no sketch, and for any confusion. The staging return loop and staging tracks I think I have in hand - they will need an A/R, detection and turnout routing controls, but I plan a display panel. The loco numbers I will know when I stage each ops session.

The area I am concerned about is NOT in the hidden staging area, but out over the living room along a beam which bisects the area. This is 11 feet above the floor and not easily accessed physically, but the operators can see their trains when standing at the top of the stairway.Think of a simple squared-off C with the ends pointing back to you on the left and right and the elongated middle four feet away and over an 11 'drop. I want to make it simple - any train always takes the right side of the turnout - I think I will lay out two left hand #6s. The problem is that I cannot have a very thick support structure - a sandwich of 1/2" ply, 1x2, 1/2" ply and foam or cork roadbed (track sound deadening is desired - suggestions?). so while there is room for wires and I think I can hide a turnout motor atop the roadbed surface, I would like to automate the operation so the turnout is correct for entrance and exit. It may be that the same operator will do the standard gauge runs consecutively and not have to worry about passing or meeting, but I'd like to be able to do meets as a complication for the fun of it - say the freight meets the mail or the motor car coming and going during an ops session.There will only be room for 3 operators max in the loft. And most of the time it will be just me and a guest or solo.


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So now there are three (not two) interleaved staging tracks in the return loop? Got a sketch?
How will the operator select and get a train to return from staging?
Will the operator be able to select which track/train returns from the loop… or do you want first-in = first-out?
If the answer is first-in, first-out … Could a single loop be big eenough to hold more than 3 trains end to end?
What’s to prevent an operator from sending yet another train into staging when it is already full?
How will an operator remember what loco numbers are in the hidden staging and be able to address one with DCC and drive it out?

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I did consider a spring switch, but worried about changing the polarity of the frog. The train lengths are indeed short - the primary layout space is small 10.5 by 11.5 ft and will be narrow gauge. The Standard gauge comes in and picks up mining and lumber products and delivers some supplies, so there are only a few cars in each train, I'm figuring loco, caboose, and 3-4 cars in most trains. Still working out the industries. And maybe a motor car (DRGW style) and a mail run (Yampa Valley style - steam loco, rpo, and a coach). The sidings in town will only be able to hold a car or two. I'm planning a dual gauge wye in the loft space to allow for turning the SG locos. Staging will only have a reversing loop and three short through tracks in it as well, and a couple short stubs, so the siding length should be just about equal to those.



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