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John Cahill

Have you considered DCCConcepts ADFx range of decoders, designed for stall motors and with LED outputs built into decoder, 2 way and 8 way available and reasonably priced in my experience (I use the S range for solenoid motors)?

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The Towerman might work. Contact Dick at rr circuts for advice. If you are controlling Torti via DCC or LocoNet commands there are other devices, like the Team Digital SIC-24AD, that can light up route controlled LEDs.



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I want to drive some panel LEDs showing switch routes with RR&Co Gold. I'm guessing that Towerman is the most economicl way to do this. Can TM do this directly or do I need other modules. Or do I need something altogether different?? I'm usind DS64s for the torti. Using the contacts on the torti would be extremely difficult, if not impossiable.


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