Short circuits and multiple boosters

Chris Elliott

Hi group, I'm in need of a bit of advice.
I have a single loop layout which is rather long. Due to it's physical size I have used 1 Digitrax booster (DB150) and 1 Digitrax command station (DCS100) to keep the feeder lengths to about 30 feet. Each of the Digitrax boxes has it's own power supply each of which is capable of delivering more than 5amps. The 2 Digitrax boxes are connected to each other with a loconet cable and a "home ground". The DB150 is set up as a booster.
The loop is has both rails electrical isolated at 2 places, resulting in 2 independent power districts.

Now for the problem.
When a locomotive causes a short circuit in the middle of a district, it causes the other district to shutdown.
I expected that only the booster connected to the effected district would shutdown.

Is my expectation correct or do I have a problem?

Thank You
Chris Elliott

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