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Thomas Murray

Thanks Don and Steve. I looked at the Team Digital SRC-16 to run the routes of the 10 turnouts in my staging loop area. Do you think I could get by without a frog juicer system in areas where turnouts will be manual. My locos run over the DCC friendly turnouts with dead frogs fine. I do plan to use the tortoises to power frogs in the staging area.

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Right. There is no ‘cliff’ at the suggested 30 ft range where it suddenly stops working. But taking Steve’s advice to twist the DCC feeder from the booster and add an R/C filter at the far end(s) away from the booster will minimize the possibility of issues.




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<<To clarify #2, both of my loops are at the same end of the layout and are beyond the safe control range (30 ft.) of the  main command booster. Due to space constraints, one loop will sit on top of the other.>>


Stacking the two reversing loops with sidings on top of each other will not cause electrical problems in and of itself.


Since you are concerned about the length of the track buses, twist them 3 – 5 times per foot.  Add an R/C filter at the far end of the buses and you will be fine.


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