Dual Reverse Loops

Thomas Murray

My layout was a simple oval, but I realized I needed staging. I decided to cut the oval open at one end and add two reverse loops each with three staging tracks to create a point-to-point layout. My plan is to use one DB150 to power the layout up to 29' either side of the booster and use a second DB150 set to auto-reverse to power the loops. My questions are:
(1) Will this set up work as long as I don't cross both reverse gaps at the same time?
(2) Will there be electrical / electronic gremlins due to the loops being stacked?
(3) How can I set up DCC / tortoise turnout routes into and out of the staging loops?  
(4) Where should the heavy ground attach to the second Booster. Terminal or case?
Thanks Allen and all supporters of this wonderful DCC site!

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