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Marcus Ammann

Hi Glen

Do NOT connect the KA2's BLUE wire to the Common GROUND.

Connect the KA2's:

BLUE wire is connected to the Decoder's Function Common.

Black with white trace is connected to the decoder's DC Ground that's not
easily located on most decoders, see the below link for details.

If the decoder is sealed with heat shrink, you will have to partially remove
this to find the DC Negative.

You cannot do as you have asked, to fit another Bridge Rectifier to the Red
and Black wires and connect the KA2 to the + & - of the Bridge Rectifier.

For more details, see my "alive" page at:



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I have purchased a TCS KA2 Keep Alive unit. I bought it because the
information said "and most non-TCS decoders." The unit comes with a blue and
black with white stripe wire. The instructions are sparse dealing only with
TCS decoders.

I asked TCS how to wire to other decoders. I was told to connect the blue
wire to the common ground. I presume this is the blue common for the lights
and then connect the Back/blue wire to the negative side of the bridge
rectifier section of the decoder. The decoders I have are sealed in shrink
wrap or a plastic case. I course opening a decoder would void the warranty.

Now since the KA2 apparently polarized would adding a bridge in the
red/black track feeds accomplish the same thing? TCS said to contact the
decoder's manufacturer. I believe it will work, but would the additional
bridge affect the DCC signal?


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