Re: Where to Put the Limiting Resistor


I am surprised at a 100K resistor. A 1K ohm resistor and 12 volts would result in .01 amps for the LED.
You might need to go to 680 ohms or ? depending on the brightness you want. It may be OK to put the resistor
in the blue lead if the two LED outputs are the only functions, but I would put a separate resistor for each LED.
I would put in separate resistors as a matter of practice. They are quit cheap and small.

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Subject: [WiringForDCC] Where to Put the Limiting Resistor

I am wiring a scratch built loco with limited interior space.
The wiring diagram for my decoder shows a resistor in each lead, front and rear. Could the resistor be installed in the common (blue) lead and cover both LEDs?
Only one LED will be illuminated at a time. Could both be on at the same time? I am using 100K 1/4W resistors.

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