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Don't know SA rules...

However, I suggest that you need a circuit breaker box as soon as practical once the power is in the building. And you need a way other than using a breaker to flip one switch and turn ALL the power in the building off, with the possible exception of a single light to guide between the door, the switch, and the box. May not even want that light if a flashlight will do. 


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Hello All,
I,m about to retire, and have spent the last 7 years lerning about railroads, decoders ,DCC etc but I would like advice on what I should request from my electician.
I am going to Purchase and install a 10M x 4M sophisticated wooden shed to build my railroad in. I haven,t settled on a particular track design as yet- have lots of Ideas but no favourite at present> I think in the end I will have+- 20 sqM of track to control. I want to use JMRI for that so I will need a computer station.
I Think I  should isolate the power into 4 qudrants to the track.
 I require electric lighting of the lay out - should I go for LED tubes?
Obviously I need lightning protection as well as ageneral purpose plug for general duties ie drilling . screwing, cleaning etc
 What should I be asking my electical contractor to provide me within a distribution board. Obviously earth leakage but what other facilities should i have installed??
The Train Shed is 30M from the house, i would probably operate 3 trains at a time.
I'm from South Africa so WE are 240volts 50 cycles per second at 15 Amps
Doc Colin

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